Blk Alchemy (Black Alchemy) is a collective of Black Artists gathered to stamp out a distinct foothole in the arts and illustration industry. Arts are a key component in the creative potential of the black mind and Blk Alchemy sets forth to cultivate said potential and display it in a raw and digestible form.

After years of seeing Black artists lacking a concentrated community and collective, Founder and Artist Will Focus wanted to bridge that gap and bring a powerful representing body to the forefront of the Art community.

Why the name Blk Alchemy?

By definition Alchemy is:
A power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way. To change from one object of lesser value to another of greater value. 

The concept of Alchemy is a direct correlation to the transformation of canvas/mediums to actualized artwork. The ability of the artist to bring to fruition the images and concepts from the deepest recesses of their imagination. The very specific perspective of Black artists solidifies and complements said Alchemy and its inimitable position in the art world.

Blk Alchemy has many goals both short and long term that will continue to evolve; however, an ongoing goal is to provide a sense of inspiration, guidance, and opportunity for black artists both young and old, that will further push the bounds of their creativity and market value.

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