“Black Theory” is the title of the Blk Alchemy (Black Alchemy) releases. The theory aspect refers to our personal visions taken on the descriptor/theme for the specific release. Example: Our first release is entitled “Conjuring”, thus we will visually interpret our theory to the given descriptor/theme “Conjuring”

The “Talented 10th” are the first wave of BlkAlchemy (Black Alchemy) Artists/Alchemists chosen to start the collective. They are the voting body for the collective. The total number of “Talented 10th” is 12 Artists/Alchemists. Most major decisions will be made through the “Talented 10th” to ensure that the collective stays on task with its purpose.

BA is an “invite-only” collective. Invitations are sent out after each “Black Theory” project. Consideration may be given to exceptional cases.

A personal style is key as well as consistency with an informal or conceptual style. We also look for those who have a large presence of melanated people in their art. We do not consider pure fan art portfolios. This is a “Black Artist Collective” so additional requirements go without saying.

Anyone can participate in the forums; however, only Artists/Alchemists can participate in our “Black Theory” releases.

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