Work should be shown in progressive steps in the forum under the “Alchemy” section and “Critique”. This portion of the forum is only available to Artists/Alchemists. This will allow your progress to be seen and positive suggestions or praise to be given leading up to full submission (this makes the process simpler for those who want to get a feel for what the rest of the collective is thinking before they submit a full piece). Once this is done, you will submit your work via email at a lower resolution to info[@] and it will be posted for consideration in the “Alchemy”/”Voting” section. Voting can start immediately. Once approved, only a high resolution version of the image is required.

Your logo can be placed on the image; however, the logo should be in a location that does not cover nor interfere with the art (Hiding your logo in the work is encouraged as well). We also provide the BlkAlchemy (Black Alchemy) logo in 3 types which you can apply to your digital version however you deem fit, but it is a requirement for collective submitted work. We are a collective of quality and integrity.