Every BlkAlchemy (Black Alchemy) Artist/Alchemist is given 2 invites following a release. The invites can be given to anyone who fits the requirements in the “What do you look for in an Artist?” faq section. Prior to providing the person you wish with the invite, you must submit a link to their portfolio or body of work to the forum under “Alchemy/Prospects”. Once a majority approves, an invite can be given. If you are not comfortable giving out invites, you may offer the invites up to another Artist/Alchemist in the “Alchemy/Voting” section of the forum. Any unused invites will be forfeited by the time of the next “Black Theory” release and offered to the core “Talented 10th” Artists/Alchemists. Once a new “Artist/Alchemist” is approved, they can now submit to “Black Theory” releases and participate in any BlkAlchemy (Black Alchemy) events.