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BlkAlchemy (Black Alchemy) has arrived. A forum/community based site focused on the development and interests of the diaspora’s artistic community.

After a year of planning and an additional year of development which covered artist retention, web building, and branding, BlkAlchemy (Black Alchemy) is ready to push forward with it’s various art initiatives.

Each member who was chosen to take part in BlkAlchemy (Black Alchemy) is a professional artist which has an affinity towards a specific art style/styles. Full time artists and creatives, each member has been dubbed “Alchemists”; a proper term describing the altering of medium into art. All Alchemist bio’s can be found on the home page with brief looks at their work. Click an Alchemist image to find out more details!

As a full forum/community based site, feel free to visit “The Lab” and discuss your thoughts and share your art with other artists. We are building together and everyone’s hand helps keep the foundation solid!

Hope to see you in “The Lab”!

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